Monday, May 21, 2007

Motif Sixteen--Small Doily = Large Motif

This is the Celtic Sugar and Spice Doily, pattern by Tina Neudorf from her book "Needle Tatting from the Heart". Tina has quite a few really nice patterns in this book, and you can make them with shuttles or needles. I used size 30 Omega thread.

I made this doily as part of the monthly tatting exchanges organized by Mary Donohue. The exchanges have a different theme each month, like bookmarks or butterflies. I think some people participate every month. Others, like me, join in now and then as time permits. I think it is a lot of fun to exchange a piece of tatting with your partner--often you get to see a pattern or type of thread that is new to you. You can more information about the exchanges on Mary's site at


  1. Now that is one STUNNING piece of work. I LOVE the colours.

  2. Lovely job on this doily! I love this one, as I have made two myself, and won honors at the local fair with it. I really like your colors!

  3. Love the colors!