Sunday, August 19, 2007

Motifs Eighteen - Nineteen: Bookmarks

Here are a pair of bookmarks I made for an exchange in June. (Yes, I'm still behind with my blog entries, but I'll be done with my new pattern book Real Soon Now and get back to normal.)
The one on the right is one of Jane Eborall's patterns.
The one on the left is the Maltese ring bookmark I will be teaching at the Palmetto convention. I started with an edging by Mlle. Riego and substituted different types of Maltese rings in the middle and decreased the number of little rings in the outer part. Maltese rings are not as hard as they look.


  1. All I can say is that I must be using the wrong books or something. These bookmards are beautiful.

  2. Sorry, but I signed in before I finished..........are these patterns available anywhere, if even for sale?
    I just joined so if this is a question I should already know, it only means I still have a lot to learn and by the looks of your bookmarks, that's true!