Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thanks and Getting Ready for Hector

First off, I would like to thank everyone who has ordered my new teapot book, and everyone who has said such nice things about it on their blogs.

I am sooo busy trying to get ready for Hector. I've strung beads for Ginny's class, but I need to find/empty some shuttles for Karey's class and find some more to demo in the class I'm teaching. I remembered to recharge the camera battery, but I forgot to buy eggs for the brownies I was going to make. I need to bind some more books. When will I pack?? Gaaaah!!!

Here's a hint for anyone taking my class. There will be 3 cut and ties in the pattern. If you wind 5 1/2 yards each of the 2 contrasting colors of thread on your shuttles, that should be enough for the first 2 sections.

I am looking forward to seeing old friends there and meeting new ones. I hope to be there in time for supper Friday night. (I'll be the tired, dopey redhead.) Karey recommended the Seneca Lodge and that's where I'm staying. I hope some other tatting folks will be there too. It would be great if I could find someone to ride with to the fire hall so DH and autistic DS3 can sleep late instead of delivering me there. I get to play tatting all day while they go sight seeing.

3 am, really must go to bed.


  1. Have fun! Sounds exciting...and very busy! :)

  2. Have fun! Sounds exciting...and very busy! :)

  3. Martha, you can ride with me...I'll find you..Vicki

  4. Have a lovely, lovely time..for all of us who can't go because of geographical and other reasons.

    But don't overdo it, laugh gently!!

    My lassies said to tell you that they love the book.

  5. Your trip sounds so exciting and fun! I know it will be great. Slow down, take a deep breath and then get busy!

  6. That sounds great, thanks. The wide awake red head and the perpetually sleep-deprived red head can get together.

  7. hi Martha!

    we enjoyed your class very much... Amy is looking forward to ,aking Maltese Rings in many places. my only regret is running out of money before i got to the teachers' table!

    dani 8-)

    (off to find your order page!)