Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Done it again...

Please bear with me, it's been (another) one of those days. While fixing a big computer problem (no internet connection!), DH accidentally caused a little problem (all HIS email downloading into MY inbox), and while fixing that, accidentally erased all my emails and my address book. And just when I had about gathered all the addresses I had lost when the computer crashed in May. And that included some emails I hadn't even read yet.

To the lady in Harrisburg, (Jim&Deb??), I was still mulling over your invitation. To Jane in NC, I haven't forgotten, but waiting for my schedule to settle down. Anyone else who is overdue for a reply, please email me again, thanks.


  1. How frustrating! HOpe you get everything up and running okay. Let me know if you need my email address again when you get it all resolved (just leave a comment on my blog and I'll email you again!)

  2. HI! I'm a tatter (sometimes) and a needleworker and a crafter and I found your blog today while looking through a lot of tatting blogs.

    I was searching for tatting blogs to link on my sidebar and hope it is ok that I linked yours. You have some great tatting stuff here!

  3. Welcome LadyDoc! Linking my blog is OK. Looks like a lot of neat stuff on yours.

  4. Hi Martha,

    I was wondering what email client you use. Depending on which program it is, there are other programs available that will back up your emails (and address book), so you can restore them if needed.

  5. Hello there! I wanted to let you know that I'm having a giveaway! Be sure to come on over and join in!