Sunday, May 23, 2010

More About Charleston

I really enjoyed my day in downtown Charleston, though there is much more to do there than is possible in a single day. A good place to start is the tip of the peninsula, know as the Battery.

The White Point Gardens there is a beautiful park....

...with great view of the harbor.

There happened to be men in period dress firing a cannon that day, too.

At the Exchange and Provost Dungeon, there happened to be a little lace upstairs...

...and we had a very entertaining and educational guide for the dungeon downstairs.

Danny got to pick one place to go, and his choice was Tommy Condon's Irish Pub. No surprise there, I guess. We sat on the patio and enjoyed watching the horse-drawn carriages go by.

The Market was fun, too. I tried to watch the ladies weaving baskets, but they would stop if they noticed I was looking.


  1. Well isn't Danny the proper little Irishman!

  2. I love Charleston. I've never lived ther, but my sister does & myparents did when Daddy was pastor of a big church on Meeting st, so I've spent a lot of time there. At least you were there when it wasn't hot and sticky! And I agree - it's gorgeous! Looks like you had fun...