Friday, June 18, 2010

Coming Soon--More Critters on the Block said...
All of your test tatters have been tormenting us with pictures of your new patterns...when is the new book comming out?

The answer is August. Definitely in time for the Palmetto conference. My team of test tatters is turning out critters at an amazing pace, though I am getting bogged down with perfecting the last few patterns. It always works OK out in the end, though.

Thank you to everyone who answered my earlier blog post with suggestions of critters to make. Before I knew it, I went from too few ideas to too many. There could be another critter book way down the road with the leftover ideas.

On a different note: when (if?) I get a little more caught up, I'll tell you about the new love of my life. Here's a pic:


  1. Now that is a tantalizing piece of work cant wait to see what it becomes! Also is there a squirrel in your new book?

  2. Martha,

    All your test tatters showing off the critters are really making me wanting to tat some of these. Can't wait to see the book!

  3. Hmm, is it the thread, the beads, or the shuttle? For a tatter it could be any of those three, but I vote for shuttle. I don't recognize it so I eagerly await more news.

  4. Ohhhhh!
    Fox : ))

  5. I love the color of that thread! It reminds me of a beautifully colored autumn tree. :)

  6. Thanks for all the kind words.

    Typs, there is a squirrel in my first book, New Critters on the Block. I think there's a link to my webpage from the blog. You can see it there.

    I mostly meant I love this new shuttle, a made to order beauty from Tat's Heaven. But I do also love, love, love this thread. It's a HDT from Karey Solomon.

  7. Hi Martha, thank you for the comment on my blog. I have a question. Will you sign the new book for me and I will fetch it at tat days I am anxious to see all those new critters
    see you in august

  8. Riet,
    Of course I would be glad to sign a copy for you at Tatdays

  9. Ohmygolly, Martha! I think the shuttle in your photo is the same as my #1 fave-O-rite rosewood shuttle. Do you know who crafted it?

    I would love to have a closer look at that shuttle if you wouldn't mind photographing it from the side?

    And that new thread in your WIP is gorgeous! What size is it?

    Ooh, such tantalizing stuff you share...

  10. Oh, wow, nice shuttle, nice thread and nice beads! Can't wait to hear more about it! :D
    ~TattingChic ♥