Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Trip to Washington

As always, time races on faster than I can blog about it. Right now, I'm engaged in some top secret tatting, so I will go back and fill in with some older events.

Last fall, we visited my sister in Maryland. That's just an easy Metro ride from Washington, DC. I was surprised to hear that DH had never toured the monuments, so we spent a long day's walk doing that. We got to a few that I had never been to either. I'm sure you all know what the Washington and Lincoln monuments look like already, so here are a couple others.

This is the World War II Memorial (well about half of it).

This is the Korean War Memorial. The statues are a bit eerie.

Surprise tatting content! After the monuments, we had time for a quick run through just a few parts of the Smithsonian American History Museum. In the "Miniature World of Faith Bradford" exhibit (a huge dollhouse of miniatures), I spotted this tiny tatted doily.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I’ve always wanted to see the Smithsonian and all the sites; but, never made it back east that far.
    My granddaughter went with her HS class when she graduated; I doubt she realized how fortunate she was at the time.
    xx bj

  2. I have seen the dollhouse exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution's American History Museum and, like you, was tickled to find tiny tatted doilies, etc. It is not easy to photograph clearly. You did a marvelous job!

    Hmmm, what top-secret tatting could you be working on?

    It could be a certain T.I.A.S. that is soon to start. It could be something frosty and marvelous for the next Palmetto Tat Days. Or any number of other things.

  3. Nice photos! My husband and I have traveled to D.C.(from Pittsburgh) many times during the past 47 years and still haven't seen everything. We've watched it grow and grow. When we visited the WWII Memorial in 2008, we realized that seemingly overnight we turned 65 and the monuments seem a lot farther apart! We especially love to visit Colonial Alexandria, a few miles south on the Potomac .

    I'll be interested in reading about that fabulous dollhouse. I doubt that many visitors would know that the doily is tatted! My small Victorian doll house that I take to my tatting demos has my tatting in it, but I'd like to do some things in finer thread. I'd like to do a 'tablecloth', which wouldn't take too long!
    I posted about the dollhouse on Christmas Eve, but plan to show the contents in more detail soon!

    Your 'top secret tatting' sounds mysterious!