Monday, August 08, 2011

Palmetto Registration Now Open

Palmetto time is just around the corner. This is a wonderful event: classes and activities, a vending room with tons of thread and books, and best of all, just socializing with all your tatting friends. I really recommend it.

Click here for more information:

Update: Please forgive me for failing to give proper credit. The design above is by Pam Freck, and will be on your Palmetto T-shirt, so that's another reason to come.


  1. I wish I could make it! Someday, someday . . .

  2. What a cute winter scene!

  3. I registered On Friday....and have been lucky enough to find a ride (from someone you "introducted" me to through email) and I am ready. Still needle tatting but making myself practice with the shuttle most days.
    I'm as excited about meeting people in person as I am the tatting classes.

  4. I've found being an exceptionally young tatter/blogger to be quite rewarding, EXCEPT in these circumstances. It involves a lot of whining and begging.... AGH I want to go. (: We'll see..

  5. I am hoping to make it to the one next year. We just moved from the rocky mountains to Florida, being close to palmetto Tat days is mentally softening the blow. ;)