Sunday, September 18, 2011

Experiencing/Overcoming Technical Difficulties

Well, if I didn't have a crisis or three to deal with trying to produce a book, I wouldn't know how to behave.

As soon as I said my computer was up and running, the darn thing died again. Luckily, I was able to finish editing with John's computer. Always back up your work, always! So glad I did.

Then found out the cover stock I was going to use was not only no longer carried in the local store, but had been discontinued altogether, so we had to find something else and wait for delivery.

The good news is we have been able to assemble enough books to bring to Toccoa for the Palmetto TatDays. When I get back, I will work on setting up a new page on my website to handle Paypal orders from the general public. Sorry, life has been to hectic to get that done already.

I owe apologies to many. There were several emails downloaded to my computer that were already overdue for replies, which I can't get to at all right now. If the problem turns out to be merely a bad video card, I will be up and running soon. If not.....

Now, I've clicked on "Publish Post" about half a dozen times and nothing is happening. Gaaaah.

8 hours later. Hmmm. Had to switch to the new Blogger interface in order to post. New and shiny, but I can't find my way around.


  1. Technology is wonderful... when it works!

  2. Sorry about your computer issues - been there, done that, hated every minute of it! Good that you could finish up on John't machine - you are so right, back up your work early and often!

    I can't wait to see you Thursday in Toccoa!! Also can't wait to get my hands on your new book!!

  3. Congratulations on getting things put together on time. I am sure you will enjoy the relaxation of your vacation and the fun at Palmetto.