Sunday, January 08, 2012

My Neglected Challenge

I started this blog to participate in the 25 Motif Challenge, but I've really been neglecting my current challenge. Life has been a bit crazy this year.

My personal requirement this time around was to count only patterns from books, since I have so many books on the shelf I seldom use. I think I've made a few things and not blogged about them, so I'll have to stir through my stuff and see what I have. I know I've mailed some away without taking pictures :(

To get back on track, here is my new favorite bookmark, actually a piece of Edging No. 21 from Die Schiffchen-Spitzen by Eleonore Endrucks-Leichtenstern. Don't you love the block tatting? All the tricks I came up with for shaping block tatting for my critter patterns were just re-discoveries of techniques she used decades ago, and I have only just discovered her.

I have rewritten this pattern in the modern style to be shared soon in the Online Tatting Class.

So, since I can claim an edging posted last July as also part of the challenge, this brings me to number 5 of my challenge.


  1. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Martha, what a lovely piece! So graceful and winsome. Thank you, thank you for sharing it with the online class. I look forward to the lesson!
    Happy New Year, Martha!
    Katie V in NC

  2. It's gorgeous! I love the color!

  3. Love this edging!
    Fox : )

  4. This is a lovely piece! I love how the block tatting enhances the design!

    Conisdering your incredible contributions to the tatting world, I don't think you need to feel you've 'neglected' the Challenge. And you're taking up ypur own challenge of delving into the history of tatting and are sharing your research with us!

    It's fascinating to learn that some 'modern' techniques were actually used decades ago! You've certainly taken block tatting to 'fun' levels with your cute and unique 'critters'!

  5. Oh the pattern and glad that you re wrote it into English. I love those books too, as you know!
    I’ve had 4 operations on my forearm but fistula is up and working and I may be able to begin tatting again soon.
    Wishing you a blessed New Year
    Ridgewoman (bev) in Sacramento at the river’s edge.

  6. Beautiful solid shapes, amazing!

  7. Beautiful piece of tatting and lovely edging