Sunday, August 19, 2012

Needing a Break -- Athalia

I was working on a involved project for so long that I was desperate for a change of pace. Fox's Athalia pattern provided an excellent diversion. Both of these are with size 20 thread, the upper one is Tat-ilicious' Harvest and the other is some Lizbeth. I didn't have any filigree doo-dads like the pattern, so I substituted buttons. The upper one is 1/2 inch and the white one is 3/4 inch. Diane at Lace Lovin' Librarian just happens to be having a give-away of just that sort of finding. Better hurry, it's first come,first serve. Many thanks to Fox for sharing the pattern and Diane for giving away doo-dads.

Meanwhile, in the garden, can anyone identify this plant?  The standing up one, not the crabgrass beside it.  A few of these came up by themselves in awkward locations so I might try to move them.

Also, in the garden, or NOT in the garden, I don't have any tomatoes.  I had some just starting to ripen, but one morning they were all gone, except one on the ground with teeth marks in it.  Deer I suppose.  I see do-it- yourself recipes for Deer-Be-Gone, but they all seem to include raw eggs.  Has anyone tried this?  Does it work? Just how bad does it smell and how long does the smell last?

Meanwhile, on the spinning front, the roving I once showed you has been
and skeined.  Now to select a pattern.....


  1. Well, Martha , thank YOU for tatting Athalia twice! I love the different looks, depending on the colours and I am going to find some buttons! Mina are all 2-hole, which just doesn't cut it!
    Fox : )

  2. I think I may try Athalia for my first doodad. It's so pretty!

    Do you give spinning lessons? I have the spindles and the roving. I just haven't gotten the knack of spinning! Your yarn is gorgeous!

  3. Your motifs and yarn look great. Can't wait to see what you make with the yarn. Your mystery plant looks like a calla lily of some sort. If it flowers, it will be easier to identify.

  4. Zantedeschia - calla lily. They are a bulb and can be moved. No idea what color the blooms might be as they come in many colors.

    Love Athalia - it is gorgeous.

    Your yarn is gorgeous - how much yardage and what weight? Maybe an Ishbel shawl?

  5. Your mystery plant's leaves look like some type of lily to me - when it blooms, that should solve the mystery!

    Can't wait to see what you knit from your beautiful yarn!

  6. The plant might be something like Elephant's Ear, or something related. I think you'll know better when it unfurls.

    Love the wool. You could use part of it to knit the Star Trek sweater shown in my blog.

  7. Thank you all for the compliments on the yarn. I've photographed it to its best advantage. If you saw it up close, you could see it is pretty irregular. I've got about 400 yards of pretty thin yarn. Since the colors are so loud, I'm looking for a simple pattern

    I couldn't dream of giving spinning lessons--I'm pretty much a newbie myself. I have the Respect the Spindle book, watched some Youtube video, and do lots of lurking at Ravelry.

    I suspect everyone is right with guessing calla lily. These came up the same time as a calla, but the leaves were a little different colored and they didn't ever bloom.

  8. Your skein is beautiful! A garter stitch scarf perhaps to show off the colours? Athalia is pretty too. Good idea to use buttons.

  9. Lovely mofits not tried Fox's patterns yet not had time, but your tatting is lovely,
    I am sorry you lost your tomatoes I hope they did not give the deer tummy ache.

    That's gorgeous wool what are you going to do with it?

  10. If you need to keep the deer out of your garden, try cutting some Lifeboy and Irish Spring soap into halfs and steaking them around the garden. Any strong deodorant soap. Deer and mice don't like the strong smell. I've also heard that if you put human hair in some old nylon stockings and steak them around, that human smell will repel them.

  11. I to have a couple of spinners, but haven't done much with them YET! I've even used a large spinner and love them, but to costly for me. Sheep and Wool festival coming up in Jefferson, WI next month..!!!

  12. Hi, Martha.

    I think your plant may be an acuba (also spelled aucuba). My mom has some that look just like that. They're a lovely green plant and make a nice backdrop for showy annuals and such. See you soon!