Saturday, October 06, 2012

Back from Tat Days

Judging from the progress of this blog, you may well suppose that I packed for Toccoa and promptly fell off the face of the earth.  I feel a little like I did just that once I got back home.  

Anyway, here are a few funny photos from Palmetto Tat Days.

Playing battling cameras...

... with Jane ...

... and with Sherry.

Shuttle Brother Randy bowing down to Jane, because she is the best.

More posts coming soon, I hope.


  1. That's a hoot. I didn't QUITE get one of us taking each other's photos cause I got the giggles. Isn't Randy a darling and such a hoot too?

  2. You certainly had fun

  3. Wow! That was a long trip home...did you walk? Pictures were worth waiting to see.