Friday, November 29, 2013

Website Musings

Thank you to everyone who had kind words about my website's imminent demise.  I tried to get the word out here and on various Yahoo and Facebook groups.  I ran out of available time that day before I got to Intatters, but Grace was kind enough to put up a notice there, thank you.  All these postings led to more replies than I could answer individually, but there were two predominant themes:

1.  Why don't you just use Blogger? Indeed, I will do that short term, but someone who knows more about it warns that I would run into memory space restrictions eventually.  I already have a Blogger page for patterns (see the link near the top of the screen) that I will start adding to.  But my Keep-and-Share free account only allows 20 files, so that's already a limit I could easily reach.

2.  It should be easy to backup your site files and upload somewhere else.  Well, easier said than done.  This was a template style website, sort of like Blogger, but far less user friendly.  I have backed up all of my own HTML code, but I don't have code for the templates.  One the other hand, I really didn't like their layouts anyway.  Many of my pages weren't especially easy on the eye or the printer, partly due to the layout templates and partly due to my lack of fluency in HTML.  (I'm hoping for a what-you-see-is-what-you-get page editor with the new site instead of writing in HTML.) If I'm going to have to do all this over, I want to do it better this time, so it's not going to happen quickly.  I was actually already planning to do this, but didn't anticipate losing the old website before launching the proposed new one.

A few of you have suggested various web hosting companies by name, but do you have your own website with them that I can look at?  Trying to absorb and compare all the information on their advertising sites is a bit overwhelming.  I'd rather hear about your personal experience.


  1. Well, Martha. I'm not very computer savvy so the way I do my site which I pay a small amount for is to put patterns in pdf on there. The first page and main pages are in html but I've no idea how to write html. I use a free piece of software called SeaMonkey to do those. It gives you the opportunity to use the source code or not!!! I just open the file in SeaMonkey, edit file and then I can see what the page looks like and then edit it!!!! No html involved at all!!!!!

  2. I do hope you find a solution! I've used at least one of your patterns--I recently made Marjorie's Angel--and I really hope you can continue to enrich the tatting community with your art. Good luck!