Monday, December 30, 2013

Spinning and Knitting Again

I think most of us practice more than one craft.  While tatting is my favorite hobby, I also do a bit of spinning, knitting, crochet & etc.  Here is a project I completed in November.  I can't remember when I started.

I started with roving that I bought from Karey.  Her hand-painted thread is famous in Tatting Land, but you may not have realized she dyes yarn and roving as well.  She has a remarkable feeling for color. I spun it on a hand spindle and two-plied it.

I started with a the Esperanza pattern from Ravelry, but I took a few liberties with the design.

Here is a picture to give an idea of the finished size.  And you just try taking a selfie with your back to the mirror sometime.

I'm already pretty advanced with my next spinning adventure.  I'm trying to do the long draw drafting method and spinning from the fold.  Look at all those words I picked up on Ravelry, so I can pretend I know what I'm doing.


  1. I have learned to spin, but not very good at it. I have a Navajo spinner. I found that it is real hard on my carpal tunnel syndrome.

  2. Gorgeous shawl, Martha! It's quite a feat to spin the wool and knit the new yarn up as well. At least IMHO. Beautiful! Katie V in NC

  3. Fabulous! I've spun enough for a scarf on a spindle, but not a shawl like this one - lot of time involved! Love the colours and the lacy pattern.

  4. I enjoy looking at all fiber arts, and beautiful work, this is another, thank you for posting!