Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Pattern Links

I've had a request to add more of the old free patterns to the blog.  In a perfect world, I will be posting those patterns on a new website rather than putting more time into the blog.  Either solution seems a way off.

I'm in the process of converting the old patterns into easier to read pdf files.  They were quite a mess on the old website.    At first, I thought I would be merely reformatting them, getting them all the same font size with nice margins and columns.  But as I look at them, each time more questions arise.  Should I leave the abbreviations on each pattern, or make one master list?  Should I do more to standardize the formats of all the patterns? The notation style varies a bit from pattern to pattern; how much should I do towards standardizing that? Should I just take the quickest way out since these are just free patterns, since I already don't have enough time for everything that needs doing? Some days I get some work done, and sometimes I just dither.

Good news, in the meantime, I have discovered that some of the links to the old website still work.  Try this link, which should bring up the old free pattern directory.  Clicking on the pictures doesn't work anymore, but the navigation links in the column on the right hand side of the page still work for now.


  1. "In a dither". The fate of a woman who thinks too much.
    I would recommend keeping a glossary of abbreviations with each pattern. Then, when printed, all needed information would be available on the page.
    You always produce legible, understandable, and organized patterns. They looked great on the web. If they don't all match, we are unlikely to complain!

  2. With so much to do and the patterns are already completely legible, understandable and organized, take the easy way out. At least for now. If you want to go back later and work on them when you have time, I'm sure everyone would quite happy. We're just happy you are willing to share them! Thank you!

  3. Since they are free patterns, I would think everyone in Tat-land would be pleased no matter what format you choose to present them in. I'm thrilled that you're even considering going to all this work!

  4. OMG, I know exactly what you are talking about in regard to the amount of time needed to update something! I have a bunch of technical resources that I have worked up through the years for workshops, classes, conventions, etc. Every time I think that "I'll just put one of those out" I realize that they are up to my current standards....which basically means that I have to recreated them, again. Good luck in this process.