Saturday, May 24, 2014

In the Garden

It was a harsher winter than usual, and some of my perennials did not survive.  But still, most of the garden is there, and there continue to be surprises.  An unidentified bit of greenery I had been tolerating in the back yard has turned out to be a Lenten Rose, pale violet in the beginning, now fading to yellow.

The concept of change is one of the joys of flower gardens.  One day, just stems and vines, and suddenly, iris in all their glory,

and the clematis on the trellis blooming all at once.  Too bad the picture doesn't show them better.

I was a little concerned about the gardern while I was away at the beach, but when I returned, everything was still alive, and the tomatoes were blooming.


  1. I have a Lenten Rose in my yard also. It is very durable and the deer don't eat it. I agree, gardens are fun.

  2. Lovely pictures of your garden, thank you for sharing them, it's amazing how they survive during hard winters.

  3. Looks wonderful, Martha. Do you often tat in your garden?

  4. Your garden is amazing!