Saturday, July 05, 2014

Serendipity Kitty

I wasn't trying to make a cat.  I was trying to design something quite different from a cat, in fact.  But it continued to look like a cat despite my best efforts, so I decided to give it  a new head and let it be a cat.

Serendipity Kitty

©2014 Martha Ess

2 shuttles wound CTM, with 3 beads in the middle

R:        (with 3 beads on thread around hand) 2 VLP 1 VLP 3 B 2 DPB 2 B 3 VLP 1 VLP 2 clr RW
Ch:      12 vsp 2 DNRW SS
R:        2 + (to vsp of prev Ch) 3 – 3 vsp 2 clr DNRW SS
Ch:      2 + (to vsp of prev R) 6 vsp 2 DNRW SS
R:        2 + (to vsp of prev Ch) 3 – 3 vsp 2 clr DNRW SS
Ch:      2 + (to vsp of prev R) 12 +LJ (to base of 1st R)
Ch:      2 DNRW SS
R:        8 vsp 8 clr DNRW SS
Ch:      15 DNRW SS
R:        10 vsp 6 vsp 4 clr DNRW SS
Ch:      6 – 4 – 4 vsp 1 RW SLT
Ch:      10 + (to vsp of prev Ch) RW SLT
Ch:      5 +LJ (to next p of Ch) 5 +LJ (to next p of Ch) 4 +LJ (to side vsp of prev R) 6 +LJ (to next vsp of R) DNRW SS
R:        10 clr DNRW SS
Ch:      12 +LJ (to vsp of next R) DNRW SS
R:        8 clr DNRW SS
Ch:      10. Cut and tie to base of head.


  1. This made me laugh so much, trying to work out what it was really meant to be - was it going to be a banana? - very cute, thank you for the pattern.

  2. What a cute little bugger! Thanks so much, Martha!

  3. I Loves Her!! She's got to be female with those looks!!!

  4. Sometimes tatting has a mind of its own, doesn't it? LOL Very cute :-)

  5. Great cat, thanks for sharing the pattern, sometimes things just work out so different to how our brain thoughts

  6. That is so cute looks like a little smarty pants cat :)

  7. Was it going to be a buggy or a caddy?
    Nice pussy!

  8. Ah, the cat will out! Mercifully, this one won't shed!

  9. This is something to try. I think it will make a really cute applique for my new great granddaughter's dress don't you think?
    Lois B in Spokane

  10. A cool cat, thanks Martha