Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Free Association Tatting

It's like this....  Jane was showing off her latest baubles the other day, and my instant reaction was it looked like a fish.

So I had to sit down and make a fish.  It's not in Gary and Randy's book, but once you get the concept of the bauble, making up your own isn't hard.

You may have notice I've been quiet lately.  I took a break from tatting for a while when my brain needed a rest and I only felt like doing mindless things, like spinning.  (Well, for me, working my drop spindle is pretty mindless, in a comforting, meditative kind of way, no offense meant to spinners.)  Then, once spun, the yarn needs to be knitted.  Yes, it does need; the skein calls out and whimpers until cast on.  But now, the shawl is in its latter stages, and I'm back tatting again. And not too soon, with Tat-Days coming next week.


  1. Yay! I have missed your blog and brain. : )

  2. How cool is that! I'll be learning baubles soon. You make them look fun and I was thinking they're a little complicated.. Karen in OR

  3. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Love your fish. I saw it on Jane's blog and found it brilliant.

  4. Fabulous fish! Can we say meditative instead of mindless?? :-)

  5. This is probably the best example of bauble l have seen so ! I , too, saw it first on Jane's blog , (although I follow your blog) and commented on the excellent combination of traditional / classic tatting with modern bauble-tatting . You choice of colours is captivating, too, in a realistic sense .

  6. The fish is wonderful! Great job!