Monday, November 23, 2015

Tatted Mock Hairpin Lace - My Final Solution

Kindly remember a few posts ago, where I showed several versions of mock hairpin lace.  There is no "right" way, but rather one should choose the best version for the project at hand.

This is the way I came up with that works best for my angels.  You can see the traditional crocheted hairpin lace on the left and the tatted mock lace on the right.  

The basic idea is split rings like this: 2 -- 1 -- 1 -- 2 / 2 -- 1 -- 1 -- 2 clr.  Of course, the first and last in a strip of lace may be regular rings instead of split rings.  Depending on the pattern, there may be 3 or 4 long picots on each side.  I haven't tried it yet with smaller or larger numbers of picots.   Instead of the 2 ds at the beginning and end of each ring, I tried 1 vsp 1 and 1 + 1, joining to the previous ring, but this proved to be too fiddly to be worth it.

With the blue angel, I carefully gave each picot a half twist just like real HPL when I made the joins.  The result originally was sort of lanky and stringy, but I was able to block it to look nice.

With the white angel, I joined to the long picots keeping them straight with no twisting, and got this pretty effect without the need to block.  This is a little like my broomstick picots.

In both cases, when joining to the long picots, I was careful not to pull the join too tight, which would bend the curve on the loops.

If you want to know more about broomstick picots, named for their resemblance to broomstick lace, see my post HERE, and there are more patterns using that technique in my book "Playing with Picots"


  1. OMG, these are amazing ! Superb experimentation, evolution, and effect . Thanks for sharing in such detail :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing all this information!

  3. Wow, you've made great progress with the technique.

  4. I love your blue Angels, I must get out your book playing with piciots, I have done several patterns from it, so when I get a few minutes I can play again from the book

  5. I like the tatted HPL better than the crocheted. When the angel's skirt hem is an arc, the long picots at the ends are looser. I wonder if they could be shortened or, perhaps joined to the bottom row at 2 or more points to take up the slack?
    This is why I can only design one thing a year. The minutiae clogs my brain. Feel free to ignore this! Your designs are beautiful!

  6. Awesome angels!!! :)

  7. Wonderful demonstration and food for thoughts, Long ago I got a pattern off internet and made another beautiful bookmark and then went to the sight and it was no longer there I wonder if it was yours and will have to check on that. Hope this New Year is fun and filled with more creativeness from you! happy New Year from Carollyn!