Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Voices In My Head Are Arguing

Earlier this year I was suffering from "tatter's block."  I had trouble finding any project I felt like doing, or that would hold my interest once begun.  A little voice in my head said, "you'd rather be spinning."  I held it at bay until I had managed to eke out enough patterns to apply to teach at Palmetto (yay! they accepted me), and then I got out the spindle.

I had this batch of mixed BFL from the Spinnery in Gatlinburg that I was eager to try.

I was having such a good time that I ordered some more from Etsy seller Beesybee.  (I am "spinning from the fold," long draw technique, in case anyone cares.)

The batches are quite similar, just differences in lighting.  They will look good plied together.  

And then, as I am about halfway through, the voices in my head say, "It's time to tat!  It's time to design.  You CAN produce a book this year!"

Dare I listen?  It's a little later than usual to start in on a book to be ready by Palmetto-time.  Can I pull it off?  Should I try? The voices make my head spin.


  1. You listen and act on the voices. PLEASE. Think of your audience - I'm waiting for this new 'voices in the head' book already.

  2. Sounds as though taking a break from tatting has reignited the tatting muse! Or the muse is just contrary.

  3. The tatter in me says yes! The wanna-be spinner in me says no. I plan on being at Palmetto this year, so I guess yes wins in my book!

  4. the voices outside say in chorus "Yes", yes you can :-)

  5. I'm envisioning a motif: shoulders, one with an angel on it and one with a devil. No, no, wait... one with a shuttle and one with a sheep... hmmm.

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Either set of voices sounds like something pretty is about to happen. Of course the tatter in me says 'Tat, please! Book!' :-)

  7. It's so neat to see people's spinning!! :)

  8. Ok, I just thought about that comment and I think it doesn't make sense. Let me try again, I think it's neat to see wool in the process of spinning(hopefully that makes more sense)! :)