Monday, February 03, 2020

Finger Lakes Tatting Conference Cancelled

Unfortunately, this year's conference has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus.  Right now, the plan is to meet next year, with the same theme and same classes. 

The Finger Lakes Tatting Conference will be April 17 - 19 this year, and registration is open now.  You can see more information on their website HERE.  The theme is "A Space Adventure" and it is sure to be a lot of fun.

I'm teaching a class to make that little alien shown up above.  It's made with techniques easier to do than to talk about, since they've got so many names.  For that sturdy chain, I don't remember what Rhoda Auld called it, if anything, but some people call it the Double Double Stitch and others say Balanced Double Stitch. But I'm doing the version where you just double half of the stitch, making it the Half Balanced....Balanced Double Half.....whatever.  And then I use that technique called Set Stitch, Victorian Sets, Lattice Stitch, RicRac Stitch, well a whole lot of half stitches.

I hope to see a lot of you there.


  1. Just love your patterns Martha and also enjoyed meeting you in 2012. Recently been tatting patterns from one of your books and thrilled with the results, you are an ace designer, along with my sister of course!! Good luck at Finger Lakes, your Alien rocks!

    1. I have really enjoyed seeing all your pictures.

  2. LOVE the alien, Martha!

  3. Its awesome!!! I can't wait to take the class!🎉🎉🎉