Monday, August 04, 2008

BoB's Bike, or Sequins Aren't Just For Snowflakes Anymore

My "send to" partner in the recent Here-Be-Tatter's exchange was BoB the Bike, so I made.....a bike!

The wheels are none other than Jane Eborall's covered sequins.

This was a fun challenge to do.

PS. Motif 12


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  2. BRILLIANT use of sequins. I've got an easier way to do the first round now - watch out for it in the near future!!!
    LOVELY bike. Lucky, lucky man.

  3. THat really looks like a motorcycle. It's awesome.

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  5. Martha, I love the bike. Will there be a pattern for this. My husband and my Dad use to ride motorcycles. I would love to make this. I use to enjoy motorcycling and use to pull an "EasyRider". Now I don't know anybody that I can get a motorcycle rid on. My one friend who use to give me rides died a couple years of sucide. But I love riding on a bike.Tangled hair mess and all.

  6. Martha, your tatted motercycle is fantastic. You are very clever with your designs. This was perfect for Bob the Bike.

  7. WOW MARTHA! HOW COOL. Lucky Bob!
    What a great design.
    Varooom Varoom I'm ready to go!
    Just let me grab my leathers.