Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Motif Twenty-five -- At Last

I haven't shown much tatting lately since most of it looks like this:

But once in a while, it looks like this:

But what to call it? Crazy quilt teapot? Flowers of Spring? I'm not so good at coming up with names.

I claim this as the final entry in my second pass at the Twenty-five Motif Challenge, though I am months behind my year's deadline. After a bit, I expect to start up again.


  1. What a darling teapot full o'spring! It's adorable! THe first photo made me chuckle because it looks oh, so familiar! LOL!
    I'm having a giveaway and you are more than welcome to come and join in on the fun!

  2. CQ teapot sounds good to me! I would like to see this on a real Crazy Quilt! Let the drool fest begin.

  3. Martha, this is beautiful no matter what you call it! What comes to mind for me is Country Garden Teapot.

  4. Sugar & Spice? LOL! Very pretty1

  5. I like Crazy Quilt Teapot... it's lovely!

  6. Now that is cute. It does look crazy quilt-ish. Your teapots are adorable. If you put them in a book, I'll be first in line for that one.

  7. really cute your colourful teapot!! very original!

  8. Hi Martha,
    Love your site and good luck witht he new book. I would love to have your mistakes and test pieces to go on Crazy quilting tha I am learning to do.
    See you in Hector.

  9. Anonymous1:09 PM

    To me your teapot is perfect! I love how you take all kinds of tatting & make it come together to make a teapot. It's breathless to me & I'm just getting into tatting more.
    Little Bell