Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Pamela's Hearts

I hope you all have been following Pamela's blog at

In the entries from Feb 11 - Feb 28, she has worked all of the hearts from my book, Tat's Amore', in luscious color schemes I wouldn't have thought of, (or didn't have the thread for). When Pamela makes one of my patterns, it looks better than when I did it, so I love looking at her work. The other great thing she has done is to list the amount of thread needed for each piece.

Please go take a look if you haven't already.


  1. I have your book, but I've never tatted anything from it! What's wrong with me? Pamela has done a wonderful job, and I think I might start tatting hearts soon. Thanks for producing such a beautiful book, Martha!

  2. Blush, blush, thanks for the compliment...but your hearts are so inspirational, who could resist them.
    As for colour combo's...well there just isn't enough life to do all the ones that are in my mind.
    I am waiting to see some more people tatting them and showing.

  3. Martha I didn't get a chance to pick up your books last year at Hector and I've been kicking myself all year. Pam's pictures are a reminder to pick them up this year!

  4. I have so many tatting book that I can't remember if I have your or not. If I don't I do know it's on my "Tatting books to buy" list for sure! I have really enjoyed Pamela's posts on your beautiful heart patterns. She has really put a lot of work into it. :)

  5. i saw pamela's work and they are really gorgeous! of course the credit goes to the designer as well. the hearts are definitely on my list to tat.