Sunday, June 14, 2009

Motif Three - (Third Time Around) - Earrings ala Anitra

Remember ages ago, I resolved to work on some of those patterns in my towering to-do stack? After all the upheavals of the last few weeks, maybe I can get back to it. With all the packing and moving, I feel like I've gone weeks without tatting. That is, except for one project stashed in my work satchel.

These are Byzantine Chain earrings from Anitra Stone's class at Palmetto in 2008. (I should have straightened them out better before getting the camera out...) Since I was teaching, I could attend only one class, so I chose Anitra's, since it seemed such an unusual original concept. You can get the pattern from the Palmetto Tatters 2008 Pattern CD. I made these in blues and silver to go well with denim. Once I locate the rest of my findings, I think I will add a metal ring between the hook and the tatting.


  1. Cool! I've admired these and wanted to make them, have the CD and I think I've even printed them out but like you....there's that big list of to-do's!

  2. I've just GOT to make those!!! I've got the CD too. I just LOVE the Palmetto CD's - a good reminder of a fantastic few days of just tatting talk!!!