Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Came Next

Well, after that disappointment described last time, years went by, and I would binge on one type of needlecraft, grow tired of it, and switch to another. In the late 1990's I had been on a long spell of crocheting and beginning to weary when something happened. I got one of my kids to show me how to log on the internet and use a search engine. (Had to go to the public library for that!) There were tons of hits for crochet, but a much smaller, more manageable number of tatting sites. And the tatting there was much more exciting than my Dover reprints.

I began to lurk. I discovered Celtic tatting and adapted the concept to crochet. (Yes, I did go back to sending stuff in to magazines eventually.)

I remember telling myself that was the last crochet I would do for a long time, because I was ready to tat!

I don't know how long I kept on lurking. Then on Oct 28, 2000, I came out and introduced myself on TatChat. (I know this since I found a copy of part of that post whilst cleaning and sorting.) The title of that post was something like "I tatted a cat and a bat", because not only did I introduce myself, I shared patterns for two little doodles. I was designing tatting again.

There were no pictures with those introductory doodles, and the notation was primitive, but one could take that message and maybe tat up something like this:

I worked those up today, and about an hour later, I found the original cat in all its lumpy size 10 glory in one of my endless bags-o-stuff. What fun!

That December I made up my Hairpin Lace Angel, and a few months later the Itty-Bitty Bumble Bee which became the original block critter. I was off and running.

I hope my trips down memory lane don't seem too egocentric. Tell me to stop. Who knew sorting and packing could be fun. I have this nagging suspicion the rest of the apartment won't be so interesting.


  1. Your sharing doesn't sound egocentric at all, Martha! It sounds like you are genuinely sharing! I love your hairpin angel! I just saw it on "Steph's Tat Stuff" today! I hope you saw it too. She did a great job of it, too! Glad you got hooked on tatting again! :)

    Isn't the internet wonderful for tatting! :)

  2. Hi Martha, I am enjoying the trip down memory lane. Was it really in the 1990's when you shared those patterns? I remember when you shared the little bumble bee. I thought it was so darn cute. I can't believe that I too have been on the internet and in the on-line tatting world since then also. Thank you for all your years of sharing.

    Happy Tatting!

  3. Piecing this together as best as I can, I must have been lurking in 1999 or 1998 since my TatChat printout was dated 2000. The angel and bumblebee are in Georgia's class index of 2001. So is my preying mantis-I had about forgotten about him.

  4. I remember that bat and cat!
    I remember there were very few Halloween patterns out there then, and I was STARVING for some. I loved the little bat of course, and since my Dad kept bees, I was into bees, and also LOVED your little bee. So glad you kept designing!!
    Carol A

  5. It is not possible to move forward in any meaningful way without first taking a long look at what has gone before. Along with serving whatever purpose it needed to serve for you, your trip down memory lane has encouraged me greatly. I too have spent many years exploring different needlecraft disciplines and think I am almost in sight of the moment when all the accumulated experience comes together in a creative epiphany of sorts. However, there are still great moments of self-doubt.

    I'm glad you came back to tatting. I am a huge fan of your designs!

  6. I always wondered when you showed up. I found the tatting lists in 1997 but was very intimidated by all the experts. It was a long time before I said much.

  7. I enjoy hearing a little of your history. It is extremely interesting! I want more...LOL!