Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've Been to the Fair

I didn't make my goal to enter something in the state fair, but I did enter in the county fair for the first time. Every year the internet tatting community encourages everyone to get tatting in the public eye in their area, so I finally did.

In my age division, there is only one actual tatting category "Item decorated with tatting", so I chose also "Bag, needlework", "Needlework, other", and "Christmas tree ornament". I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to come away with a handful of blue ribbons.

This was my ornament made from a pattern by Terry McGuffin.

My tatted handkerchief from a vintage pattern made with size 100 cotton.

A mixture of tatting, crochet, and vintage turtle braid from a pattern reprinted in "Old Time Crochet" magazine some years ago.

My own large motif/small doily butterfly combining tatting and hairpin lace.

I was glad to see one other tatting entry, an edged tablecloth by a lady in the senior division.

I felt a little guilty taking all those prizes with next to no competition. On the other hand, my greedy side was counting off all the categories I could enter next time....

While I had some time to waste until I could collect my pieces, I wandered through the rest of the pavilion. The table setting competion included a children's division.

This one, with real Depression glass dishes, was really sweet and dainty.....

but as the mother of all boys, I got more of a kick from this one:


  1. It's great that you entered your BEAUTIFUL pieces in the fair! Imagine the people you may have inspired!

    I have half of a depression era set of carnival glass JUST LIKE in your picture! My mom and her sister split the pieces they had as children. It is neat to see it all together and "in action".


  2. Impeccable entries. Brava!

  3. Martha, you tatting is so pretty! That ornament is GORGEOUS! WOW! Look at all that beautiful tatted lace! I ♥ it!

    I am not surprised you won all those blue ribbons!

    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Congratulations! You deserve the blue ribbons. Beautiful work.

  5. congratulations on all the ribbons!

  6. wow..beautiful pieces of really deserves blue ribbon

  7. Well done. Thanks for keeping our craft in the limelight

  8. Congratulations on all your awards!

    No reason to feel guilty- seeing your beautiful work will hopefully inspire someone new to learn tatting.