Sunday, January 17, 2010

WIP - TatBit's Amazing Patterns

Since the time of this post, TatBit has removed her public patterns.

I encourage everyone to visit TatBit's blog. Teri is generously sharing lots of patterns and adding to them daily. Above is the beginning of her New Wave Doily and I plan to make some more of her designs after this one.

The pattern notation may be different than you are used to, but read the instructions and abbreviation list carefully and all should be clear.

Thank you for sharing, Teri !


  1. Her designs are amazing and make me realise how much we owe to her. WHAT a woman. In her patterns I can see why tatting is where it is today. If only the internet had been 'born' earlier I think more people would have been able to appreciate what Teri has done for tatting over the years. As I'm in the UK (although I did try and buy lots of stuff from the USA by putting $ notes in envelopes) I certainly missed out on Teri's publications apart from her heart and butterfly books - they made it to the UK. I follow her blog avidly and each day brings a jaw dropper of a design.

  2. I agree Terry is very generous with her pattern sharing, but they do look complicated, however, you have given me encouragement to have a go! thanks

  3. I also agree Terri is a very giving and lovely lady to want to share her ptterns.

  4. I'm so glad you're drawing attention to Teri's blog. These days she seems to be moving at warp speed, posting almost daily her own patterns from the 1990s, which are absolutely dazzing.

    She also posts vintage patterns from old publications she has gathered over the years.

    Teri is very dedicated to the history of tatting, and has done a great deal of research and encourages us to honor the tatters of the past who blazed the trail and kept the flame alive throughout the 20th Century. (Sadly, we've now learned of Mary Konior's passing.)

    Importantly, she is also dedicated to modern methods of tatting and encourages us to move in new directions in the 21st Century. .

    She champions front-side tatting and, of course, the split ring, which she revived with her "Tatting Hearts" book in 1994. Her own tatting concepts using beads are incredible, and her personal tatting history is also fascinating!

    By the way, your doily is coming along nicely! Thanks again for this post!

  5. I learned of split rings from Teri's "Tatting Hearts" book and that was such a revelation. If only I had known of her newsletter way back then...

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful compliments. I've been flying high all morning after reading them...

  7. I can't keep up with the sheer volume of her tatting. I just did her turtle pattern on the weekend. Very smart. I also learned split rings from her tatted hearts book.

  8. Good afternoon,
    I'm french, I make crotat and I love that. Martha : how to contact you ? Your website is beautiful. I'm searching to contact Tatbit too. I would like to be invite on your web blog too. Is it possible ?
    See you soon