Thursday, December 31, 2009

Motifs 15 & 16 -- Large and Small

I needed something big and green, and Nancy Tracy's Christmas Tree in size 10 thread fit the bill. It's a little lopsided since I didn't block it yet. Nancy generously shares a free pattern every month. You can go to her site and sign up for the newletter, which will bring you patterns, recipes, and the current specials at her online tatting store.

I'm usually not a fan of big thread, but I use it when the situation demands. After the size 10 tree, I went to the other extreme and rewound the shuttle with size 80 and made Mark Myer's Cat. So understated and elegant! This is almost 6 inches tall in size 30. In larger thread it could get huge!


  1. Your tree turned out so well, now I will HAVE to make it.
    Happy New Year and happy tats

  2. I agree, the cat is understated and elegant! What a cool cat!
    I just love the Be-Stitched tree pattern! It's just about the best tatted Christmas tree pattern out there! It turned out lovely! I hear you on the size 10 thread! LOL! Sometimes it's fun to have a chunky thread for somethings. Like some scrapbooking embellishments are great with size ten thread...but that's just me..maybe! :)

  3. Yes, your tree looks great. I will scan mine (I added some beads); but, it didn't turn out nearly as nice as yours! love your work!


  4. Your tree is beautiful, and wow is your cat nice!

    Happy New Year!

  5. I love that cat! If I could just figure out how I would use it....

    good job on the tree too. I think I tatted bunches of different trees last year (well, 2008) and got a little burnt on tatting them myself. Maybe next year. LOL!

  6. Another to use up that Cébélia! : )