Monday, March 08, 2010

Nazli Gelin Garden thread -- with buttons

I found some Nazli Gelin Garden thread at one of the LYS. Once I got home, I couldn't remember why I chose this neutral shade instead of one of the brighter ones, but I was able to pair it with some vintage black and brown buttons to good effect. It's manufactured in Turkey with Egyptian cotton and tats OK. The label calls it Size 1 Superfine, which may be some sort of yarn sizing. It looks similar to, or just a little larger than our size 10 cotton threads. I need to make some size samples, but I haven't done that yet.

Zig-zag chains make for an interesting effect.

I'll have to go back for some of the other colors.


  1. That looks fantastic. Sometimes what we think of as 'dull' colours turn out to look really bright. Does that make sense? Love the chain too. Makes for a fantastic set.

  2. Another button necklace, this one looks great. Before I saw your button necklaces I had been thinking of tatting with them and making necklaces. One day I will get around to making one myself, but I hope when I do mine will look as effective as yours.

  3. Classy set!
    Fox : )

  4. Oh, Martha,
    You did not have an opportunity to get free color samples of this thread from me at Palmetto's Tat Days this past September? Almost all their colors were out for anyone who wanted a few yards to try. Sorry you missed it, and if you want some samples of the colors, email me and I will snail mail you thread. Let me know your color preferences.
    I am trying to get Hal to supply this thread in size 20. He says he does not think there would be a demand for it, and is thinking only of more colors and metallics for the size 10. Perhaps your blog post and other tatters' posts re this thread will convince him to expand to size 20.
    Do let me know which colors you want.

  5. A very nice set. I can't help but seeing a face in that last photo.

  6. Dear Hegla,
    There was so much going on at Palmetto that I can't remember whether I saw it there. I brought home some thread samples that I need to look through.

  7. very interesting idea to use buttons in place of beads. the colors work well after all. good job!

  8. I love the idea of the buttons, but I think heavy when I look at so many of them, yes or no?

  9. Barbara,
    They aren't very heavy to me. Consider a string of pearls has some weight from the beads and a gold necklace has some weight from the metal. With my necklaces, the plastic buttons don't weigh that much and the thread doesn't weigh at all. Except the one with rose quartz stones.....