Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thread and Card from Katherinne

I was lucky to be a recipient in Katherinne's thread give-away. The scanner doesn't do the thread justice. These are perfect faded denim tones with a bit of plum. I'm sure this will make something very nice.

She also made this origami card. Doesn't the kimono girl look beautiful and care free?

Thank you, Katherinne, I will treasure these.


  1. Oooooh, I SO agree. I won the same too AND got a fantastic card. I'm blogging mine tomorrow.

  2. Very pretty color of thread Katherrine sent you. She sent me a sample of HDT also and my oragami card is the twin to yours. I just love my card and thread. I blogged about it today too!

  3. Really lovely -- both the thread and the origami card! Thank you for sharing a pic and a description of your prize. I'm positively drooling.

  4. Hiay Martha,
    You were so lucky to win the giveaway from Katherine. I didn't even know about her. But I sure do love the hand dyed thread you received from her. What size thread is it. Very pretty!