Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Thread Exchange Projects

As I've said before, the Thread Exchange Blog is a fun way to trade samples of thread. Typically, the samples are 12 yards (11 meters).

Then comes the question of choosing a project you can complete with the sample. Motifs and bookmarks work great. Here are two of mine.

This one is a bookmark of Mary Konior's Duet pattern, made with size 20 Lizbeth #125 Seascape. I looove this color on the ball, but in this particular bookmark, not so much. Perhaps the back and forth rings were not a good choice for this thread. It looks better on Isdihara's blog.

I also used an exchange thread to perfect my koala bear pattern. I think this is Lizbeth 691 Mocha Brown Medium. It's a nice shade, a bit warmer than the similar Cebelia I had been using.

I've wound my shuttles with more exchange threads, so watch this space....

Later...by the way, I can claim this as Motif 20 in my current 25 Motif Challenge.


  1. I particularly like the mocha brown. Even tho I don't like the thread overall, I love their colors. Cute koala!

  2. Lovely motifs! Seascape is one of my current fave colorways. It does look nice as your bookmark. I am sorry you don't like it as much done up that way, I was thinking what a pretty use for that thread. Those Koala's are might cute!

  3. Very nice! :) I' m start my adveture with tatting...

  4. Such a cute koala, I'm having fun with your new book, thanks for signing it. Will show what I have made soon.

  5. I love brown threads for animals, but brown threads seem rare. Will be tatting the koala later. I have tatted your alligator, and sewed them on the ATCs, and is quite pleased with them. Menawhile, I tatting the bluebirds. Love the critters!