Sunday, October 03, 2010

Home from the Fair

After where I left off last time, later I returned to the local fair to see how I did. (Actually that was two weeks ago, but my blog is getting further and further behind real life.) The first thing I saw was this tatting edged table cloth and napkins (Not mine!) which I was happy to see won a blue ribbon and a judge's award. I'm glad she got this recognition, and luckily for me, this was entered in a luncheon set category where I wasn't competing.

Here's a closer look:

I chose the category "item decorated with tatting" for my handkerchief, and was delighted to win the blue ribbon.

I saw only one other entry in this category, a pillowcase, I think. Please forgive the over-cropped picture. (I wonder if the crafter meant it to be displayed in that ziplock bag? I've learned it's wise to give instructions about removing protective covering for a competition.)

Since that's the only tatting-dedicated category in the "Adult" age group, I have to be creative in using other categories. Here you see my Elgiva Nicholl's heart entered under "Needlework, any other", and the Workbasket Crinoline Lady as "Needlework, picture".

The third place ribbon for "Needlework, any other" also went to tatting. I think this is Ruth Perry's Celtic Cross. I think this tatter is new to the fair, so I'm really happy to see that.

I entered one of my button necklace sets under "Jewelry, miscellaneous".

My angel from Ineke Kuperij's Nativity book won for "Decorations, Christmas tree".

I also entered "Crochet, any other" ...

... and "Basketry, basket or tray". (I made that basket quite a while ago, but there's no time limit for this fair.)

The final score came to five blue and two red ribbons, a very good result. Please keep in mind that my local fair does not have that many entries, so I'm not facing a whole lot of competition. Sometimes I feel a little guilty, greedily snapping up easy prizes, but I'm trying to promote crafting locally. I really would be happy to face more competition, so I'm hoping to see more tatting next year. I'm already planning what to make, and crossing my fingers that the pick-up day won't fall while I'm out of town for Palmetto 2011.


  1. You did so well! Congratulations! I love the blue and pink edging, and the tatted angel.

  2. Congrats. Everything looks great.

  3. Congratulations! I know what you mean about lack of competition. Or, in my case, the competition is all laces, not just tatting. But it does keep tatting in the public eye and that's important to me. I was told once again the other day, by a friend who should know better, that I'm doing a dying art.

  4. Wonderful news! Congratulations; and, with you I hope others will become tatters.
    xx bev

    Is there any flooding in Gainsborough?

  5. Congratulations! And it's good to see that at least two other tatters also entered the fair. Maybe your work will inspire somebody else to give it a try, too.

  6. Good job on all, Martha! And I love the basket - didn't know you are a basket maker too!

  7. Your tatting is great and your tatted angel is amazing! :)

  8. Those are all lovely and you deserved every ribbon you won!

    Could you post a picture of the Nativity book? I'd love to look for a copy but cannot find any information on it anywhere.

  9. I love what you did with the ange. The gold realy "dresses her" doesn't it! Did you have trouble ttranslating the drawings. I just bought this book and am so excited to start it. Nice job at the fair!!

  10. This is quite an assortment of crafts that you entered! Congratulations on your ribbons, and for your efforts in getting tatting seen 'out there'.

    I'm glad they allow items done in the past so that you could enter that cool basket. I've seen baskets being made, but it hurts my hands to think about it!

    I also very much admire the sweet angel from the Nativity. It's nice to see it 'close up'. Having an interest in 3-D items, I love the way this was designed and put together. I believe you used size 80 thread, which is awesome! I'm curious when the pattern was published and how you acquired it.

    Have you ever entered your teapot or heart patterns? Not to mention your 'block tatted' critters. Your work and designs are wonderful and very unique.

  11. The angel so many of you are asking about is from the Nativity book by Ineke Kuiperij. She is a friend of Riet at and I believe Riet can help you order the book. (She has other books too.)

    The text in in Dutch, but there are diagrams. I had a list of Dutch-to-English tatting terms that I think came with the book. I remember having a little trouble understanding the Mary pattern, but the rest were not that difficult. I made the whole set in size 80 a few years ago.

    I had to give up basket weaving when we moved to a smaller place and I could not find room for all the reed. Maybe again someday...

    This was just my second year at the fair. I'm hoping to see more competition next time.

  12. Thsnks so much for the info about how to obtain the angel//Nativity pattern!

    I can relate to your 'lack of space' for the basket weaving. Ii've had to give up space in my already small craft room so that we can have an 'office' in there! My sewing machine is now hidden behind some 'in and out' boxes, and I'm not sure where my knitting needle container is at the moment!

  13. Congratulations! Your tatting it's wonderful! I love it.