Monday, October 25, 2010

Peacock Blue

Sometimes I buy thread colors because I have a project in mind. Sometimes I buy a random ball of thread because the color calls out to me. This thread was all but jumping up and shouting at me. This is Lizbeth 657. The label calls it Ocean Turquoise Dark, but I call it peacock blue. I love this thread. In real life, it's brighter and just a tiny bit greener than it shows on the screen.

First, I made the Luna moth pattern shared by Pamela (Totus Mel) here. Then I teamed it up with some bright yellow and worked Sharren Morgan's Flag Tail Dragonfly from this year's Palmetto Pattern CD. I had enough thread left on the shuttles to make a little parasol by Karey from an issue of Tatting Times.

I'll be looking for more things to make with this thread.

This makes more than enough motifs to wrap up this round of my 25 Motif Challenge. The theme this time had been any motif that I did not design myself. I'll just start over again soon.


  1. Great job on the challenge! I'd noticed you were tatting other patterns more but didn't realize it was because of the challenge.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly! This is the BEST blue!

    I do not normally rave on about Lizbeth, but how can I not with this rich, saturated hue?

    It looks about right on my screen . Very pretty in your motifs.

    Fox : )

  3. Hey - I posted your bracelet on my blog - love it!

  4. Hmmmm....if I could GET my old computer to turn on I wonder what the blue would compare to the blue on this new computer! Hmmmm....
    LOL! well...I guess I'll never know since it won't turn on! It's a pretty blue, though! :D

    See, I wonder about the blues and colors being different on different screens...I have these silly thoughts that way...maybe it's just me! ;)