Thursday, July 14, 2011

In the Mail

I've had such lovely things arrive in the mail lately.

First was a little package from Fox from her thread give-away. Not only was there the promised thread, but also a tatted motif and a little bag of findings. The motif is so bright and cheerful. The photo doesn't do justice to the beads.

Next was a package from Marie. The card alone is a nice present, with lots of little tatted bits in lots of different thread. I can tell this took some time.

But even better was the real gift, a Mary Konior doily. How wonderful!

Finally, in a really large envelope, came a gift I gave myself. More on that later.


  1. You have received some real treasures. Could the envelope be a special book from the lending library? Waiting to find out, Karen in OR

  2. Lovely gifts! Lovely tatting friends!
    oh, you tease!

  3. You have me curious about the gift to yourself.

    These are some great gifts.