Monday, July 04, 2011


**I have lots of volunteers now, thank you all.**

Wanted: just a few tatters to test tat for my upcoming book, Playing with Picots. Projects are bookmarks and motifs (snowflakes, hearts, etc). Nothing too big, so hopefully each person can do 2 - 4 patterns. Or as many as you like :)

I am trying a few new things this time. Patterns will list the recommended size picot gauge for those that like to use them. (For really long picots, I could not get along without them myself.) The patterns will also give the estimated amount of thread. Therefore, I would like the testers to work the patterns in size 20 thread with the picot gauge suggested, to make sure I got those things right, as well as the usual finding mistakes in pattern or diagram.

If interested, please leave a comment or email me.


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