Monday, November 07, 2011

Getting Back to Tatting

Well, folks, it's time to get this blog back to regular tatting. I came back from Palmetto all fired up to get some tatting done from the conference CD. So I made a pair of Nina's Winter Solstice earrings. If you're intimidated by her wonderful jewelry sets, try making just the earrings; they're easier than you might think. I put the first earring somewhere for safe keeping until I could get the second one done. I'm sure it's very safe there, where ever it is...

I also made Sharren's wonderful Snow Angel and I just love that pattern. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture before I gave it away. And I made Sandra's Heart's Afire Cross, which is a really clever pattern since it actually has 2 ways of putting a dimpled heart ring above another. I'm sure it's around here somewhere. Honestly, I think I really do need a keeper sometimes.

So here are some photos to look at instead.

Silly hats at the Palmetto banquet!

Georgia at the auction!

Class time!

And on the way to Palmetto we took a few days for a vacation along the way. In Asheville, we saw Biltmore House. Also in Asheville, I went to the Southern Highland Craft Guild Folk Art Center. No tatting, but lots of other stunning crafts. And a yarn shop, Friends and Fiberworks that had heart-stopping-ly beautiful yarn. (Do you know how loooong you were in that shop? said DH.) And lots of little antique stores. I love Asheville.
So after that, over to Bryson City for the Great Smokey Mountain Railway. It was a fun ride with great scenery. Most of the trip was along the river, and we crossed over Fontana Lake too.

On the trip back, the conductor said the open air car was almost empty so we moved out there since our car was getting stuffy. The benches weren't as comfy as our regular seats, but the view was great.

Son Stephen likes trains.


  1. Beautiful tatted earring! Your pre- Tat Days travel holiday sounds magnificent! Can't imagine a lovelier trip.

  2. I have quite a few of Nina's patterns, but I haven't actually tried one yet. Your earring is beautiful! I'm sure the other one will come out of hiding soon. They'll make a wonderful set!

  3. Your son is handsome! Thanks for the vacation pics - Asheville is one of my favorite places in the world, and I love love LOVE the Southern Highland Craftman's Guild. (They have a huge festival in mid-summer - go!)

    Glad you enjoyed the cross pattern!

  4. Beautiful earring,

    Lovely pictures of your holiday on the way back home, thank you for sharing your photos.