Monday, November 28, 2011

Still Catching Up

Well, here I am, weeks later, and still not getting caught up. Sigh.

Since last time I found Sandra's Heart' Afire Cross that I made. I badly misjudged one of my mock picots, so the awkward looking bit is my fault, not the pattern.

I made another one of Sherron's Snow Angel. I really love this pattern with its unusual shape. I think my beads are a bit too big this time, so there's a good excuse to make it again.

These patterns and more are available for sale on the Palmetto Pattern CD. Click here for details.

I had hardly gotten back from Palmetto when we took another trip. This is the view from our room in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We stayed at a lodge a few miles out of town on top of a mountain. It was great up there, once we made it up the narrow, windy, steep road up there.

Passing through Knoxville, we stopped for lunch with Erin. Yay, but too short, since we both had to get somewhere that afternoon.

We ate at the King Tut restaurant, where the owner, Mo, treated us like Egyptian royalty.

Then on to Chattanooga. We loved the Riverwalk.

And we took another train ride, an autumn leaf excursion leaving from nearby Etowah.

Lots of beautiful scenery.

A conductor who looked like he had just stepped out of a story book.

And of course, we did the usual tourist-ey things like Ruby Falls.

And Rock City. I remember the "See Rock City" barns from my childhood, so how could I not go?

And wait, there's more. On the way back, we stopped at Fort Loudon, a really well done re-creation of a French-Indian War era fort.

So, I'm only about a month behind now.


  1. Wow, what a great catch-up post!

    Remind me to shrink myself down to leprechaun size so I can stow away in your suitcase next time you go on a trip, hee hee. (Of course, if trains are involved The Sprout would insist on coming along for the ride too.)

    Your cross and snow angel look practically perfect in every way. Mary Poppins would definitely approve!

  2. Great post - looks like a lovely time!

    I'm glad you enjoyed tatting my cross!

    Don't be a stranger in blogland...

  3. Your cross and angel are wonderful! :)