Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Year's Christmas Ornament

I traditionally give my coworkers a Christmas ornament. I was looking for something a bit quicker than usual, and decided my Big Sister Angel from Playing with Picots would just about fit the bangles if worked in size 30. I added a few beads and some picots to use for attaching. I felt just a little guilty that I did not make one of Jane's beautiful bead intensive ornaments like usual, but they seemed grateful anyway.

Strangely enough, I'm the only one who has remembered to bring in Christmas CDs, so they have to listen to what I like :)
I recommend Connie Dover's The Holly and the Ivy (Lovely folk singer/music historian, one of my favorite musicians) and
Mary Chapin Carpenter's Come Darkness, Come Light and
Cherish the Ladies' On Christmas Night --Christmas carols interspersed with Irish jigs and reels.


  1. Your angel looks lovely set in the bangle!

  2. I have also put your angel in a ring!
    Love the book, having such fun with the patterns

  3. I love your angel and what a beautiful idea to use a bangle.
    Thank you I got your book this morning, it arrived safely.
    Its a christmas present from my mother so I wil be playing with it on christmas day.