Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Tat Days Registration is Open

Registration for Palmetto Tat Days is now open. Click here for a link to their homepage.  You can click on the link there for Sneak Peaks to see the class projects an descriptions.  (The usual pages for teacher biographies and more detailed class descriptions are still in progress.)  I always have a wonderful time with lots of wonderful people.

And here are my completed projects from the classes I took at the Finger Lakes Tatting Convention earlier this year.  You should be impressed.   I have some other class project UFO's that are years old :)

This is Dani the Geek's Celtic Claddagh Heart.  Isn't that braided effect interesting?  If you look too close, you'll see I didn't get the second side exactly right.  Oops, shouldn't have tried doing that one while watching TV.  My colors are arranged a bit different from the pattern since I changed my mind midstream what I wanted to do.
This one is Carolyn Groves' Heart on a Wooden Ring.  When I first looked at it, I wondered how she got the tatting to go round and round the ring since the shuttle wouldn't fit through the hole.  The solution was simple and ingenious and something I would never have thought of.  I like her idea to use wooden rings. They are prettier than the plastic cabone rings and also lightweight.   I think she said they came from FireMountain Gems.


  1. The hearts look interesting, I am very interested hoe she did the heart with the ring

  2. I registered two days ago, flight booked so see you in September!
    The celtic Claddagh Heart is very interesting having been to Ireland and seen many of them. And so is the heart over the wooden ring, very clever.

  3. Very unique hearts!! :)

  4. Oh how I wish I could go.

    I don't have any of my projects done from Finger Lakes. Sad.

  5. Oh that Celtic heart is beautiful! Where is that pattern available? I sure wish I could go! Have fun!

  6. Karey had a few convention booklets left over for sale, don't know it there are any left. I sent Dani an email to see if she has the pattern available anywhere.

  7. Been shedding tears for about three years now. Wish I could go...sniff, sniff.! I have a friend who usually goes, so I'll find out about it from her...have a great time all...