Saturday, June 30, 2012

Please Stand By - Your Regularly Scheduled Tatting Will Resume Shortly

My internet connection has been up and down, mostly down, all month.  Finally a service tech seems to have solved the problem today.    In the meantime, I have been mostly checking email on my Nook via public wifi spots.  I seem to have accidentally deleted some of them, so if anyone is awaiting a long overdue reply please send again.

I've got soooo much catching up to do.

Here's one of the things I made since last time: Karey's Hidden Picture Heart in Lizbeth 145 Pink Parade. She taught this pattern at Lodi this year and it was also in the most recent issue of Tatting Times. Isn't this a great design?  Of course I fell for the the little bits of block tatting.


  1. Great to have you back but HOW frustrating for you. LOVE the heart.

  2. Beautiful and lovely pattern

  3. Very beautiful heart!! :)

  4. pretty heart.
    tough that it took so long to get the problem fixed.

  5. It's always scary to read these stories. Computers are so complicated and if you're lucky you'll find just the right person to discover the problem.

    The heart is an excellent design, and block tatting and clunies always add interest. And of course, it's beautifully tatted!