Monday, April 08, 2013

Goodies from Jon

Do you remember Jon's Lace Mat Challenge?  The link to Jon's diagram instruction for this Norma Benporath pattern is here. (Right-click on the image and you can print it big enough to see.)   Anyway, I was surprised and honored to win the contest. Here is my mat:

Jon graciously sent me a package of goodies for a prize. Just look:

Best of all is a copy of Jon's book, "Elegant Tatting Gems."  This is a very nice looking book, with 18 snowflake designs.  I think many of them could be joined together to make mats or doilies.  Each pattern has both text and diagram instructions, with a clear photograph.  I am looking forward to trying these patterns.  (You can order Jon's books from her directly through her blog, or from Handy Hands, Tatting Corner, or Roseground.)

Also included were a tiny motif in a glass frame, a calendar with quilling artwork, some thread winders, some little cords for attaching charms.  Some findings remind me of dangley earrings - I'll be adding some tatting and beads to those eventually.  A thread conditioner looks just like the beeswax my mother used to have.

Thank you for everything, Jon!


  1. Congratulations on your win, against such stiff competition. Wonderful prize!

  2. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy your wonderful goodies.

  3. Congratulations on your prize win, your work is lovely,well done!

  4. Congratulations!! :)
    Your lace mat is gorgeous!! :)
    Have fun with all those neat goodies!! :)

  5. It's beautiful Martha and well-deserving of a prize! :-)
    You had my vote! I love the colours you chose.

  6. You had my vote as well and I second Frivole's sentiments. Well done!