Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Need Advice from Tatting Public

Remember this really ugly first draft?  I'm still working on it, and now I've tatted myself into a corner.

Lately, I've gotten into the habit of numbering the rings in a pattern (R1, R2, etc) with the idea this helps keep your place and helps with refering back and forth between the text and the diagram. This beastie has grown from its inauspicious beginning to an ungainly 135 rings, worked in one pass, which is way too big a number, especially for fitting numbers into the diagram.

What should I do?  If you were trying to work a pattern, which of these approaches would you prefer:
  • Leave off the ring numbering altogether
  • Number the rings up to 50, which would get you past the tricky parts
  • At a certain place in the pattern, reset the numbering back to 1, which at least keeps it down to double digits
  • Keep the numbers in the text pattern, even though it's a bit ungainly looking on the page, but only periodically place the ring numbers on the diagram after ring 50.
Thanks for your help!


  1. What a question,
    I think I would put a start arrow and number the first few either a,b,c, or 1,2,3 and then write the rest in the text without numbering every ring on the diagram. At the end put finish here with another arrow on the diagram.
    I hope this helps, I have been looking at the peacock and there are countless rings in him and she has not numbered any of them apart from the first one or two. She puts arrows in the direction that you tat him.
    I am looking forward to seeing him in all his glory.

  2. I like the last option... That would b good for me if I were tatting it.

  3. I suggest that you number the first few eg 1-5 then number any that join or have a change of stitch count with correct number so we tatters can count.Miss out any numbers that are the same as previous rings.

  4. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Hope this goes through this time. I would prefer some numbers at the start to get you going and then just a few numbers at the tricky parts and colour changes, sort of like a close up. I am new to tatting but just adore your equines can't for you books so I can try them out. :)

  5. Margaret's idea is good. The seahorse dragon is in A B C. It works.

  6. Do this in sections. Tail section R1, Ch1, Body Section R1 Ch1 SR2

    I do this with larger patterns. And Margaret's response is also correct.

  7. Number all the rings in the text, in the way Jane Eborall does; and yes, put numbers on the significant rings on the diagram, so that we can double-check that we are in the right place!

  8. How about using letters A-Z then AA,AB..AZ, then BA,BB,BC...BZ and so on, that would differentiate between the stitch counts and the ring progression. If you need to designate the chains, you could use the lower case letters for them.

  9. Hi Martha, I find the ring numbering useful. Could you break them into sections e.g. A1-25; B1-25 etc. you need not label all rings in the diagram. Hope it helps.

  10. I think Crazy Mom's suggestion is probably the most practical,using different numbering for different sections, though among your options I like the third one best.

  11. i agree with the consensus... break the piece into logical sections, numbered 1-X in each, but only put on key numbers in the diagram... A1, B17, C42-25, etc.

  12. I agree with Margarets Designer cards suggestion, just number the first few to get it started, then leave off the numbering after that.