Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Palmetto Pics Part 2

Oops, I forgot to post more Palmetto picture earlier. Here are a few more.  I was going to show some of the projects I made, but I still haven't gotten them scanned.  Better some pictures now than waiting for whenever that gets done.

Here are Randy and Karen.

More friends just having fun. That's Crazy Mom and Jane in front.

A walk down to the lake for a little peaceful reflective time.


  1. tatting makes people happy!

  2. Wasn't it lovely to see Karen? I hadn't seen her for years and years. I think the whole weekend was spent laughing. One thing I missed was seeing more of my room mate. You!!! We seemed to be like ships that passed in the night - and day!!!

  3. looks like a wonderful place!

  4. Familiar faces and places, looks like you all had a great time