Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What I've Been Up To

Someone asked me lately what I've been tatting lately.  Well, not too much to show.  I made a piece for the State Fair and forgot to take a picture of it.  Then there was some design work, not ready for public consumption.  Mostly the type where I tat the same thing over and over again, with the successive versions getting worse instead of better.  

But then I remembered I hadn't shown any Palmetto tatting yet.  

This is Vicki Clark's Teapot Suncatcher.  It was one of the class projects I admired the most. I couldn't take the class, but I got one of the kits and made it as soon as I got home.  The scanner didn't do justice to the big crystal bead in the center.

These are the projects from the open classes at night.  You can see Jane's Key to Success, and Sharren's Ringo the Dragonfly.  That one used lots of different techniques.  You can see one of my rings got a little wonky.

The one class I did get to take was Erin's Single Shuttle Beady Braid.  The pattern was unbelievably easy for such a flashy bit of tatting.  I made a bracelet I was very proud of.  I took it to work to show off, and then brought it home and put it in a very safe place, and oh dear... 


  1. Gorgeous teapot and wonderful key and dragonfly!! :)

  2. Martha the teapot is adorable and I am already a fan of Jane's key. Sharren is also a very clever designer and so the dragonfly looks like it is suitable for using up those odd bits of thread

  3. Wonderful and clever designs! Hope you find the bracelet! Those' safe places' are sometimes too safe!