Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Palmetto Pictures, at last

I'll try to get back to blogging more often, sorry for taking so long.

I'm sure I've told you enough times how much I enjoy going to the Palmetto Tatdays every year.  Those who blog more regularly have already told you lots about this year's event.

This year I didn't teach and I really enjoyed the lack of stress from being just a student.  Sometimes I was the bad student, showing up late for class and making dumb mistakes from not reading the pattern closely enough.

I'm always so busy talking and tatting that I don't remember to take many pictures.  Here are a few I managed to get.

This was a lovely shawl that was donated to be auctioned.

A few pictures of friends.

An actual completed class project.  This pattern is Kosmos, by Karey Solomon. I always enjoy her classes.


  1. Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures someday I will attend:) love your tatted green project, it looks like all chains!

  2. I had forgotten about the shawl! Thanks for posting and sparking memories.

  3. And wasn't Wally's scarf just wonderful?

  4. These pictures brought back memories of when I was able to be there with my big sister and you were one of the teachers - thank you

  5. I believe these are the first photos of the shawl and the scarf. How very generous of the person who donated the beautiful shawl! And Wally's scarf is fabulous!

    I'm so glad you were able to just attend classes rather than teach. Our group's demonstrations at festivals are not stressful, and yet I still can't do any 'real' tatting as I'm distracted by the excitement of just being at the event. I do more chatting than tatting!

  6. It was SO great to see you at Tat Days again! I only taught one class, and it's lovely to have time just to ENJOY being there!

  7. Beautiful tatted pieces shown!! :)
    Looks like fun!! :)