Monday, October 16, 2017

So Far Behind -- More Yoke Pictures

I'm so far behind, and more disorganized as ever. Jane is well into posting all about the Fringe TatDays and I haven't even said anything about Palmetto yet.  I've done some Palmetto class projects, they must be around here somewhere. I think.

Anyhoo, someone asked for some closeups of the Phyllis Sparks yoke, so here you are until I can get myself better sorted out.

If you would like to see it modeled, see Jane's blog HERE.


  1. Absolutely exquisite !

  2. It was good to see it modelled! So lovely. Thanks for the close ups. There's a lot of variety there.

  3. I feel so lucky that I was able to see your yoke in person! It is a fabulous example of fine tatting, and I really enjoyed meeting you. :-)

  4. Such elegance!!! :) It truly is a work of art!!! :)

  5. Spectacular photos - beautiful tatting - and it looks wonderful on you! Tim had photos, too! I still can't believe how quickly you tatted this! Phyllis Sparks has captured the 'style' of the intricate antique patterns, but it has a 'modern', clean look to it. I wonder if Phyllis is aware of the internet tatting community and if she has seen your beautiful work.

    1. I think this took longer to tat than you think. I was working on it for a while before I started blogging. I wish I could remember exactly when I started...