Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I"ve Got the Blues

Blue ribbons, that is.  I feel very lucky because there were some other very nice pieces in competition.

State fairs vary a lot with their competition categories.  Our main tatting category is "Tatting or bobbin lace, framed or mounted."  I didn't have a round or square frame the right size, so I turned this Mary Konior design into a sun-catcher to mount it.  That's size 80 thread, and I loved working with something dainty for a change.

We also have a category for tatting attached to linens, so that's where I entered the table runner I showed you last time.  

For my last piece, I found a category: Clothing-Accessory-Other and entered a finger purse made with a combination of tatting, crochet, and vintage turtle braid.  But wait, here it is, with the back side facing.  The nice ladies working there said they couldn't open the display cases while the public was in the building, but they would turn it around later that night.  

I like the front side better.

Then I went back and looked.  Yup, the table runner is hung with the back side outward too.  but that one doesn't matter as much and I didn't want to be a trouble maker, so I kept quiet on that one.  I'm sure judging all the entries and arranging the displays is a huge endeavor, so I shouldn't be too critical.  

Then back to the sun-catcher, and I couldn't see the tiny thread well enough from my vantage point outside the case to tell which side was which.  It goes to show that much as I enjoy doing one-sided/front-sided tatting, except really close up, it doesn't matter.  

While I was there, I visited the Village of Yesteryear to enjoy the handicraft artists and their wares and to visit Anitra at her tatting display.  Her booth won the Honorable Mention this year.  The lady doing rug hooking let me sit and try making a few loops and that was pretty cool.

And more fun fair stuff.  I walked through the gardening displays and listened to a string band.  I had some local craft beer and some crazy fair food.  Korean BBQ pork belly eggroll and Cheerwine fudge, aw yiss.  I didn't summon up the nerve for red velvet funnel cake topped with cheese and enchilada sauce, or to ride that ferris wheel, though.


  1. Congratulations!🎉🎉🎉 well deserved ribbons!

  2. Wonderful post. They recognized your talent and rewarded it! So many beautiful pieces. Love the purse combining different types of needlework. Glad they turned it the right way. I would be intimidated by that Ferris wheel also!

  3. Congratulations! Looks as though you had a good time as well as taking home ribbons.

  4. Congratulations on all the blues. I agree about the coin purse - wonder why they didn't see the front side? As for the food - Nick and I had funnel cake once at a fair and it was yummy but with red velvet, cheese AND sauce it makes it sound DISGUSTING!. We always giggle about the American love affair with cheese as you guys 'seem' to have it on everything. BUT funnel cake - NO, NO, NOOOOOO.

  5. Congratulations 🌹🎉🎈🎈🎈

  6. Congratulations! I haven't attended a state fair since college, and that was an hour before closing. It's something I would like to experience, but Dave doesn't like that sort of thing. I guess I should find some friends who would like to go!

  7. Well deserved ribbons for Beautiful work! It’s nice to know that even the backside is gorgeous.

  8. Yes Congrats on the beautiful items, at my home we had to place it in the display case ourselves. Love that finger bag your fantastic tatter. 💐💐💐💐💐

  9. Cheerwine fudge?!?! My mom loves Cheerwine - what is this fudge?

    Gorgeous, gorgeous work. And well deserved ribbons!

    1. I don't know how they make it, but it's scrumptious chocolate & cherry, wish I had bought more.

  10. Congratulations!!! :) Very beautiful tatted pieces!! :)