Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Table Runner & Antique Pattern Library

I've actually made something useful, or at least something to be used, rather than stuffed in a drawer. A table runner, hooray, for those rare occasions when my table isn't piled high with stuff.

This is one of my favorite edging patterns, "Dentelle avec Fleurs, en lignes sinueuses" from the book La Frivolite from the Cartier-Bresson company, published probably 1920's. (I've written about it before, when I did my practice piece.)  


In the original pattern, the rows I've done in ecru had picots tied to the center row with bits of thread, sometimes 3 picots at a time, and there was bare thread running behind the rings.  With modern techniques I've fixed all of that.  

I owe all of this to the Antique Pattern Library, a treasure trove of patterns of all sorts of needlework.  Unlike some, they are very careful to make sure that the items they post are public domain or the copyright holder has given their permission.  In fact, they have been given permission to post all of the Workbasket magazines in their entirety, a project which is on going. If you go to their home page HERE you will see some red headers near the top, for Tatting, for Workbasket Magazine, and lots of other crafts to take you directly to your favorite hobbies.

You will also see, near the top and bottom, a yellow Donate button.  This non-profit organization does so much good for needlecrafters, I encourage you to help them out.  Their fundraising goal for this year is $6000 and they are about half way there.  Small donations are welcome; I think most of their funding comes from lots and lots of tiny gifts.  (I'm promoting it here because I like it so much; I do not get any recompense for advertising for them.)

My table runner isn't perfect, and I wish my picots had been more regular, but I've entered it in the State Fair anyway.  I'll find out how I did in a few days.


  1. Good luck with the State fair. Those old patterns give me the heebie jeebies!!!

  2. I really like the idea of updating old patterns to use new to modern techniques. Make sure them so much more accessible. Good luck for the fair.

  3. Beautiful! I like the APL very much, too. Thanks for the little reminder.

  4. Your table runner is fabulous and I too love that pattern library and donate I use it all the time😀

  5. Your table runner is lovely! I chuckled when I read, "for those rare occasions when my table isn't piled high with stuff." That is the state of my dining table right now! The table usually gets cleared off if we're having company for dinner or if I need to block something.

    I love the Antique Pattern Library! I can spend hours browsing through patterns. However, I haven't taken the time to try more than a few of them. Some day...

  6. This is VERY pretty Martha!

  7. Martha, I appreciate the link to the Workbasket Library. I have a lot of the old ones, most of the 40's, but the first 7 volumes are hard to come by. At least now I can get scans of them. Thanks again.