Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Challenge--Class Projects

I have vowed to do something I have rarely done in the past -- to actually finish projects started in classes. Above is the ornament from Ginny W's class at Hector. She provided kits with these cute teapot beads. Her pattern called for seed beads on the long beaded picots. I could say I was being all independent and creative and used bugle beads instead. The truth is the seed beads I packed the night before turned out to be quite the wrong shade by light of day. I was lucky that I happened to have these other beads with me that coordinated pretty well.

This is the bookmark from Karey's class. I already knew how to throw a ring off the second half of a split ring, so this was pretty easy except for keeping all the stitches "front sided". Believe me, by Sunday afternoon, an easy pattern was all I could handle :) I used an amethyst chip for the charm at the beginning, and picked up the violet color again in the tassel. My first tassel had too much pink, but this one has too much violet. I'll fix that later.

I will let this be the beginning of a new 25 Motif Challenge, but this time, only patterns by other people will count. I have so many books and so many downloaded patterns that have gone unused. It's time to start using more of those.


  1. Cool bookmark! I guess you do the change sides that the second half of the split ring is on the throw the rings off every other ring on opposite sides, aye?

    Love the ornament, too! Those look like some fabulous projects! I just wish there was something like that just for tatters here! :)

  2. You are being so good! I used to finish all my they just languish away, half finished, chiding me when I happen to stumble across them!

  3. Very nice work Martha!! I really like how Ginny's ornament came out. Karey's bookmark is a nice bookmark to add to a collection or to use.

  4. Right, TattingChic, you turn the work after each repeat on the bookmark.

    Today I came across an unfinished class project from ?2004....